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Autism & Prosperity

Autism & Prosperity Kids Emotions & Social Life Skills Autistic Children Bundle

Autism & Prosperity Kids Emotions & Social Life Skills Autistic Children Bundle

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Brand: Autism & Prosperity


  • AUTISM PARENT, STILL WONDERING WHETHER HE'LL 'END UP MAKING FRIENDS LIKE OTHERS',OR 'WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY DO TO MAKE IT BETTER'? READ ON (even if you've been prompting verbally unsuccessfully)- Aid him in making some steps: SOCIAL SKILLS, CONVEYING & UNDERSTANDING SELF-FEELINGS APPROPRIATELY teaching aids- ASD FRIENDLY; SUPER VISUAL & CRYSTAL-CLEAR(a should & shouldn't per social scenario, detailed artwork)- even if school subjects are not an issue, but social skills are.
  • HELP REDUCE 'BEHAVIORS' LIKE SCREAMING, HITTING, 'MONOPOLIZING' SITUATIONS, & MORE- Effective SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL-EXPRESSIVE & DEALING skills education aids; ULTRA-CONCISE, SIMPLE, & TO THE POINT - Feel like your autistic child needs (or wants) to act or express himself in a certain way but in reality responds entirely different (due to frustration/social skills below his age level)? this bundle is to support YOU
  • WE KNOW WORRYING WON'T HELP: EVERY RESPONSIBLE AUTISM PARENT STRIVES TO PREPARE THEIR CHILD FOR THE REAL WORLD & MAKE THEM PROUD; KEEPING A JOB, SOCIALIZING APPROPRIATELY - It's done one step at a time; Aspiring to aid in making some small, but so-significant steps, we designed our bundle (Incl large variety of situations - emotions: 18, social: 20 + 2 tidiness) to be FUN, ENGAGING, & LOVEABLE; ultimately making it MORE EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR CHILD ON THE SPECTRUM.
  • BETTER ASD (non verbal or not) COMMUNICATION = LESS FRUSTRATIONS (or even meltdowns) FOR EVERYONE- SUPER SIMPLE & EASY-TO-USE, OUR EMOTIONS FLIPBOOK ALSO ACTS AS A PERFECT INSTANT EXPRESSION TOOL (especially helpful when upset, extra-confused, or during puberty); Front page - the emotion, back page - reaction suggestions. Simply let him visually find his current emotion to make everyday communication much less frustrating. Built-in stand & balanced size for everyday children use
  • BENEFITS YOUNG & OLDER CHILDREN. AUTISM-GRADE DURABILITY (with laminated pages) & 365-DAYS 'RECOMMEND IT OR LEAVE IT', NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED GUARANTEE - It can sometimes feel like an ongoing gamble; "will he take to it? break it in no-time?", "will it be effective at all?". Confident that although autism has a wide spectrum, our product will almost certainly be helpful for your child, we offer an instant refund, for ANY reason (KEEP THE PRODUCT), for 365 DAYS.

Part Number: 5060614980414

Details: Our Emotions & Social Skills autism spectrum disorder bundle supports & aids caring AUTISM PARENTS that are:-WORRYING ABOUT THEIR LOVED ONE HAVING DIFFICULTIES IN SOCIALIZING AND UNDERSTANDING & CONVEYING THEIR FEELINGS APPROPRIATELY (product addresses social/emotional skills. Not other issues, if they exist, like social anxiety & more)-LOOKING TO REDUCE 'BEHAVIORS' (like hitting, screaming, 'monopolizing' situations, & more) caused by a lack of skills to socialize/deal with or express emotions (causing frustration)-STRIVING TO PREPARE THEIR AUTISTIC CHILD FOR THE REAL WORLD; KEEPING A JOB, SOCIALIZING APPROPRIATELY-EXPERIENCING EVERYDAY FRUSTRATIONS DUE TO COMMUNICATION (of emotions) DIFFICULTIES WITH THEIR ASD CHILD (esp when he's upset or extra-confused)Emotions Flipbook:*Built-in stand (stores flat)*Laminated pages*18 feelings: Angry, Grumpy, Sad, Frustrated, Impatient, Worried, Happy, Shy, Bored, Confident, Confused, Hungry, Excited, Scared, Sick, Tired, Embarassed, Ungrateful*6 x 6"Social Book:*20 social situations + 2 complimentary tidiness situations*Table of contents; easier usage*Laminated pages*8.9 x 6.5"*AUTISM-GRADE DURABILITY*BENEFITS YOUNG & OLDER CHILDREN*Also great for teachers & therapistsIncl: 1 Social Skills Book, 1 Emotions Flipbook*For 3 years old / age & aboveAll of our special needs Autism Parenting Equipment Items / Speech Therapy / Cards / Social Stories / Homeschool, Educational / Nonverbal Supplies come with a 100%, no-questions-asked 365 days satisfaction guarantee. GREAT AS A GIFT.*TEMPORARY SPECIAL BONUS: ASD Digital course –How to deal with tantrums and emotional outbursts, and much more (to receive it after purchasing, message us on Amazon's messages center). Buy now

EAN: 5060614980414

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.1 x 1.5 inches

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